5 Tips For Shopping For a Used Car on eBay

5 Tips For Shopping For a Used Car on eBay

Shopping for a car and using eBay as tool is similar to other online shopping methods. There are some key differences to be aware of before you click that bid button.

First and foremost, you need to be aware of shipping costs. Auto auctions, like any other eBay auction, will have a tab or other button to click on to get a shipping estimate for your prospective purchase.

It may be less expensive to pick your new vehicle up at its location.

When you’re shopping for a vehicle on eBay you need to be more specific about the type of car you’re looking for and conduct your own research on other consumer reports type websites.

Contact the seller. You should be able to get more information about the vehicle and maybe even a video walk around of the car.

Google search for the seller’s non-eBay website. Any reputable dealer will have a website and surfing around on it will give you more insight about the type of establishment you’re looking to do business with.

Look for a no obligation guarantee. If you get there to buy it or send a third party inspector to evaluate it and it is not a vehicle (for mechanical or cosmetic reasons) you want to purchase, you need to be able to say “no”.

Most reports available online have nothing but positive things to say about the experience and value of purchasing a used car or truck on eBay.

Once your homework is done and you feel confident about the seller, you get to bid with confidence. The screaming deals and rush of a bidding war will make winning a vehicle on eBay a car buying experience you’ve never had before. Maybe even one you’ll want to repeat every time you buy a car.

Just don’t get too excited over the bidding wars. After all if you pay too much for a car, you’re the only one to blame and no one wants to drive home in a car kicking themselves for that one last bid.