Penis Extender Shopping Guide: 3 Tips to Make the Best Decisions!

Penis Extender Shopping Guide: 3 Tips to Make the Best Decisions!

You may not believe it, but a lot of men are terribly embarrassed by the size of their manhood. Granted, most of them will probably never admit it. How do I know then? It’s quite simple actually. Just look at the amount of male enhancement products available in the market. These products promise to increase your size easily and quickly. The truth is: penis extender is the only proven formula. So how do shop for a quality extender? Read on as we share several tips to help you make the best decisions:

#1. Fastener material: this factor is extremely crucial as you will be wearing the extender for at least 5 hours a day. Most extenders consist of a base coupled with a “fastener”. The base is wrapped around the penile shaft, and the fastener pulls the tissue to promote penile growth. There are two types of fasteners: the plastic strap and the noose. The plastic strap is not recommended because it can slip off easily and causes uncomfortable feelings (slight pain). On the other hand, the noose is made of silicon. This type of fasteners allows for better comfort and durability.

#2. Does it include spare parts? Granted, there’s no one size fits all extender. You may find that the product doesn’t fit properly. It may be too long or too short. You will want to check the warranty policy and find out if you can get a replacement easily. As well, check if you need the spare parts and extra accessories, including comfort straps, gauze pads, foam pads, extra noose and rods.

Note: If you can’t decide on the spare parts, talk to the company preventative. You can check if the have an 800 number or a online discussion board for support.

#3.The Price: this is a good indicator for the quality of the product. Generally speaking, you can what you paid for. I find that the pricey extenders usually works better, and provide better options than their budget counterparts.