Second-Hand Shopping Tips – Get Your Killer Wardrobe For Less!

Second-Hand Shopping Tips – Get Your Killer Wardrobe For Less!

Shopping at second-hand stores and consignment boutiques is an art. The finds can be incredible, but it takes patience and a keen eye to find the real gems. If you’re a bargain hunter and want to learn the ropes of the best shoppers, read on!

Second-hand shops vary greatly, from mass department stores which show little to no discretion as to what they carry (Goodwill, Value Village, etc.) to boutique stores which carry designer clothes only, cost a little more (but designer clothing at far less than retail) and have done all the culling work for you. Did you know, though, that you can find designer and goods and other high quality items at the larger, cheaper second-hand stores? If you are on a tight budget, you can build an entire career or upper-end wardrobe by buying second-hand, and you’ll always look fabulous. Some tips include:

Look for brand names: This should go without saying, but it doesn’t. Look for quality items with upper-end labels still intact. Check all items carefully for damage – rips, stains or defects in clothing, and chips or other damage in household items – before you put anything in your cart for consideration. Try all clothing on, and look all items over carefully again before purchasing.

Know what suits you: Whether it’s home decor or clothing, you must show restraint when searching second-hand stores, in order to avoid buying junk you’ll regret later. Sometimes the deals can seem so wonderful it’s difficult to resist, but make sure you ask yourself if you really need or want that item, and ideally ask would you want it if it was full price. Know what types of clothing flatters you, and be sure to scan your home or wardrobe before you leave home so that you’ll only buy things which complement what you already have.

Be patient: Looking through racks of clothing and goods, even in the smaller boutiques, is exhausting and requires stamina. Go when you have a full stomach, lots of energy and lots of time to browse and try things on. Especially in the larger stores, it can take some serious digging to find the few wonderful treasures buried within rows of castaways. Take your time and know what you’re on the hunt for.

Try visiting second-hand stores in other cities when you visit. You’ll fill out your wardrobe with a variety of things you may not find in your home city, and each piece will feel like an extra-great find!

Happy hunting!