Top 5 Questions for Area Rug Shoppers

Top 5 Questions for Area Rug Shoppers

Shopping for an area rug is exciting, but it can also be a daunting task! With choices available everywhere from online retailers to warehouse stores, department stores to bargain basements, it can be difficult to narrow down the perfect rug from such an overwhelming variety of sources. However, asking the following questions will simplify the process and help rug shoppers meet their own unique needs. Obviously, price range is a major factor in any search. Some rug shoppers are searching for museum-quality pieces worth tens of thousands of dollars and some shoppers need maximum coverage for minimum price. Moving away from this basic starting point, there are five subsequent questions.

1. Where will this rug be placed?The style, size, and material requirements of an area rug are always determined by its placement. A rug for a child’s room will have different needs than a rug for a bathroom, patio, or work area; which leads into the second question.

2. What material is preferable?Areas that are likely to experience moisture (such as bathrooms, basements, porches or patios, craft rooms, play areas, or kitchens, to name a few possibilities) are good candidates for rugs made from Indoor/Outdoor material. Elegant sitting rooms or dining rooms would greatly benefit from rugs made from wool. Plush synthetic materials feel wonderful under bare feet and make great choices for bedrooms.

3. What dimensions are needed?Although there are manufacturers that can provide you with any of their rugs in any shape or size, most rugs are offered in limited dimensions. Searching in stores or online based on the needed dimensions is one of the best ways to limit the choices; however, for shoppers who prefer NOT to be limited, it’s wonderful to know that custom sized rugs are now affordable and easy to obtain!

4. Will the rug play a supporting role or a starring role?On one end of the spectrum, an area rug can be quiet and discreet; neutral colors and subtle patterns allow other features of the room to shine. On the other hand, a bold print can effortlessly create a focal point for a room.

5. What style should it be (or not be)?If the area rug will be neutral and understated, it can easily suit any decorating style. However, if the rug will provide color and pattern, it is important that those elements compliment the other features in a room. Are most of the furnishings traditional or modern? Does the d?�cor have a particular style or color theme? Is there a motif in the artwork, fabrics, or wallpaper that can be reflected in the rug? An area rug can be the starting point for a space-providing inspiration and a decorating direction-or it can be the final puzzle piece, completing a room and drawing all of the other elements together into balance and perfection!