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Features of PlayStation 4

The definition of PlayStation four is derived from the generation in which it falls in the classification of video games i.e. the eighth generation This video game was developed by the Sony interactive entertainment. PlayStation four was first launched in America making PlayStation 3 its predecessors. The first launch was that of America on 15th November 2014. the launch of PlayStation 4 in America was followed by similar procedures in Australia and china. The PlayStation four has become a great social consoles of many individual as through this video game, individual can opt to media sharing and online streaming.

PlayStation four comes in handy with different controls but the joystick is mainly used. PlayStation four is controlled by specific joysticks t which is referred as the dual shock 4. Bluetooth is installed in both the joystick and the console and it is through Bluetooth that the two connect. Taking into comparison between the dual shock 4 and its predecessors, the dual shock 4 has additional features which make it convenient and easy to control the console. The additional features present in dual shock 4 include a touchpad and the controller supports motion detection via gyroscope and accelerometer. Improved vibration and compatibility to Microsoft windows are some of the additional feature in the dual shock 4. This control method is very much efficient and effective as it is equipped with a non removable rechargeable battery.

PlayStation are readily available in the market and are very easy to outsource and in case of a technical problem, PlayStation 4 can be refurbished by a technical expertise. Retailers and wholesalers avail play station 4 games to the consumers at their desired time. Examples of places that one can outsource for play station games include blue ray disc and digital download through the PlayStation store. A PlayStation 4 games must be installed to the consoles storage. After installation of the game, players are able to play the game in stages i.e. from one level to another.

Used Sony PlayStation are mainly focus on the social aspect as the major feature of the console. The feature of community creation, media sharing and online streaming are some of the methods used to archive the social integration and cohesion through PlayStation 4. it is through PlayStation four that people who love gaming are united and through this unison, a community based on friendship is created. PlayStation four is able to create a community of individuals with similar interests by allowing players to join chat groups at free will and launch cooperation games online while they are located at different places. in order to archive social cohesion, the manufacturers of PlayStation four designed the joystick to have a share button which allow users to share media. The share button in the joystick is used to share screenshots and videos. Online streaming allows users to have video conferences and with this a sense unity is developed. To conclude with, the last factor that brings cohesion is online streaming through video conferencing.

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