Best Lenses and Cameras for Wedding Photography

Having the right in photography, in general, is very important. Back in the days, you didn’t have many options but now every year you have new models that are really expensive with better features than the model before. If you want to work like the best you need to have the best gear. It will eventually pay off.

You need to be responsible with the gear you own and learn in which situation you use certain camera and lens. For each occasion it is different, so for weddings, there are some cameras that work better than others. Learn what there is to know about your gear, so you can become like the best Utah wedding photographer or photographer in general.

Sony a7R III and Sony a7 III

When you are working on a wedding, you will need to use multiple cameras, and these two are a great combination. They are much improved over their series two counterparts. They have a dual SD card slot that allows you to do redundant video recording, so you will never have to worry about an SD card failing on you.

It also has a joystick which allows you to control the focus point and the best feature is the bigger battery that can go through the whole day. Two of the FZ 100 batteries are great for a wedding because they can power the camera for the whole day.

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Besides these features, there are no more screens dimming when you are shooting in 4K, no cropping when you are shooting 120 frames per second 1080p. And they have awesome low-light capabilities.


Sony 16-35 G Master

One thing they really wanted to emphasize with this lens is the focusing ring. Even though it is electronic, they said it is one of their best electronic rings. It feels almost like it is a manual focusing ring. The best feature about this lens is how sharp it is. Click here to read more.

When you want to get the details to be seen, this is the perfect lens to take with you, but of course, it comes at a greater price that is around $2000. They are using 11 Blade Iris so the background defocusing, or the blur looks really smooth, very soft.

Sony 70-200 FE 2.8

For telephoto coverage, the best choice is to go with 70 to 200 FE 2.8 GM and also a 70-200 G F4 lens. They are mainly used for behind the shoulder shots of the bride and groom during wedding ceremonies. That is basically its main use, but also for huge ballrooms when one of the shooters have to be far away but can still get a pretty decent shot. They are also great for the ring shots, imitation shots and just any detailed shots in general.

Another feature that it has, are the custom buttons that you can program, that are all around the lens. When you pair it with a Sony camera it uses two excess of stabilization from the body and three from the lens, so you don’t get double the stabilization, that just kind of pairs up, but it works crazy. It is also fully weather sealed.

Zeiss Batis 135mm F2.8

It is $1999 for an F2.8 which got a lot of people on the internet concerned because of they can get something like a Sigma 135 1.8 for $1399. Obviously, it is going to sound like you are getting a better deal with Sigma, but consider that the purpose of the bodice line has never to be about having the widest aperture possible. It is about being high-quality, small and compact.

For people who are looking for a compact, medium telephoto lens, for travel, for a documentary, for maybe even a little bit of portraits, then Zeiss Batis is definitely worth. Read more on this link.

There isn’t really much to talk about the image quality. When you get a Zeiss lens, you have to know that it is going to be sharp it has that punchy contrast that is going to give you that Zeiss 3D pop in your photos and videos. Because it is a medium telephoto lens, you are going to be able to capture a lot of details.

Other equipment you want to use

Zhiyun Crane 2, unlike the previous model, this has an OLED display and that allows you to see what mode you are in, the battery life and also different settings. On the back of the device, you have a joystick, a mode button, a record button, and also your mode and adjustment dials.

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A quick release is very important when you are doing wedding photo shoots, because much is going on at the same time, and you sometimes need to switch the camera to other pods. Manfrotto 323 RC2 is something you should get because they can be placed on almost every pod and the mechanism works better than the Arca Swiss version.

When a couple wants to make a very big wedding, something that is new but fun to do is to use drones to make perfect shots. And when you think about it, they can take some incredible shots you can’t make with a regular camera. If you are planning to get one and give your customers a new experience, the best one to go with is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.