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Why You Should Install A Chimney Liner

When you want to heat your house using fire, you should make sure the gases produced are vented outside your home. The channelling of the gases that come from the burning of fuel appliances can be done by a chimney flue. For your house to get enough heat and no smoke, the chimney liner is necessary for that it removes all the required gases that can affect you.

Continuous lengths of wrinkly tubing are put inside the chimney flue which makes flexible liners. Fitting a fire or wood burning stove or lining a chimney doesn’t have to be specifically done as a DIY work but it does have to go in line with the building regulations. Somebody from your local BC Department must inspect the work done if it wasn’t done by a competent person. You should be extremely careful when doing this kind of work because it is like any other building work. Therefore, notification to the local council’s building control should be done. Safety measure is a must, and as you build the chimney, there is an importance to make a temporary building around the chimney to safeguard nearby people.

One should be careful enough to see whether any installation done of a vent or a chimney is done the right way.

Some people know the installation of chimneys and because of that don’t need to employ somebody to do it for them. There is a way to go about it, and that is ensuring first that you know the dos and don’t s in this area. You could find that you are indeed capable of doing your chimney work and in this case, you need to be very precise for your safety. It is always better for a competent person to do chimney repairs and flue installations for the best outcome.

Cleaning the chimney is necessary before putting a new chimney liner. It is not advisable to install the liner at all without sweeping the flue because debris may fall during the installation. As you are installing the flue liner, you should install the wood stove also.

It is necessary to know and to understand the kind of fuel/wood burner to use and also the type of liner that should be used in your chosen fuel.

Insulation for your flue pipe is essential. Because of condensation of hot air which turns to drops of water, the insulation of the flue liner is a must. In this case, the water would make the fire insufficient.

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