Five Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

The loss of a loved one is more than just a challenging time, it is life changing. Give yourself the chance to fully and properly grieve. Every single person and relationship is different as well as how they chose to grieve. There is no right or wrong method. Accept help from others and do not lock yourself away from the world forever no matter how tempting it may seem. There are many ways to pay tribute to the life that was lost as a way of forever memorializing their memory.

Plant a Tree

tree can be planted in your backyard as a symbol of love and new growth. Some people make a plaque for the tree saying for whom it was in memorial of, but others just prefer to think of it as their loved one’s tree. As the tree grows from small to mature you will continue to remember your loved one through this living memorial.

Custom Jewelry You Wear to Remember

A person’s name, birthdate, favorite phrase, and fingerprint are just a few options of customizable jewelry that you can wear in remembrance of a lost loved one. Things like memorial bracelets move with you throughout the day right above your hand that you see and move so often. They are an ideal way to see and treasure a loved one’s memory.

Vehicle Decals

You loved them fiercely, they were a huge part of your life, and you want the world to remember as you do. Create a customized deal featuring your loved one’s name, dates of life, favorite saying, a graphic picture, or any combination of the above. Each day as you drive you are not letting their memory fade.

Donation to Charity

If the deceased was a big supporter of an organization, animal, place, sport, etc. you can make a donation in their name. Many places have special plaques, bricks, or walls that the donor’s names are placed on. It is a way to continue to support their passions, help a good cause, and let their name be seen by many.

Memorial Bench

A park, school, church, or home can offer the comfort of a restful seat that is dedicated to a loved one. Typically a wooden bench with a name carved in is performed but customized is available along with different seating options. This is a wonderful way to help a loved one’s memory live on and be beneficial to others for a long time to come.

Dealing with a loss is tough. You want to remember and cherish everything about the deceased. During the grieving process, it can truly help to find a way to memorialize the loved one that has passed on. Thankfully there are so many options to select between making it simple to find the perfect fit. A memorial tree, jewelry, vehicle decals, a charitable donation, or memorial bench are just a sampling of options. Treasure their memory in a visual way.