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How to Select the Right Type of a Dog Crate for your Dog

Many families keep dogs as pets, or for other reasons such as for protection, companionship and breeding as a commercial venture. The question of whether or not to crate your dog may be utmost in your mind. But it is recommended by veterinary experts and canine trainers that crating your dog is essential to its general well-being in various ways. Crating your dog creates a feeling of assurance for its safety. It is a great way to introduce potty and house training for your dog. If you intend to travel, consider using a crate to put your dog in. You should make sure that the crate that you choose for your dog is of the right dimensions and here are some tips on choosing the right crate size.

Before choosing the crate, think about the size of your dog. The crate may be the dog’s home for quite some time, so the dog should be able to fit in well. If the crate is too small, the dog will be uncomfortable, and if it is too big, it might make the dog feel unsafe. It is vital that the measurements be accurate because they will determine the size of the crate. While the dog is standing, measure the measurements from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail to get the length. Your dog should be in a sitting position when taking measurements for the height. To be on the safe side, add some five inches to the measurements.

Whether constructing the crate yourself, or acquiring it, there are several materials that build dog crates. You can opt for wood, stainless steel, plastic or aluminum sheets among others. Know that there are no excellent or recommended components of making these crates. This is because not all dogs respond the same way to varying types of materials used to make crates. One dog may be allergic to stainless steel while another may not. Ensure that you are well- versed with your dog’s body and habits and if they react with specific materials. The dog will undoubtedly suffer if the materials used to construct the crate has allergic reactions with its body.

The choice of crate that you will make will be significantly influenced by the purpose for which you intend to use it. If the crate is to be placed outdoors, then you should select a hardy crate that can withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and cold. In case you need to travel with the crate, pick that which is portable. Choose well designed crates that will complement your house if the crate is to be put indoors. if you need to take a flight with your dog, confirm with the airline the specifics of crates that are air approved.

Due to varying and unique characteristics of different dogs, not all crates may be the same. These are factors that may make a crate ideal for your friend’s dog, but unsuitable for your dog. Due to such scenarios, you should study dog crate size guides available in order to help you. From these variables, you will be able to obtain information regarding various types of dogs. The weight, height, and breed of your dog among other factors are the variables that will determine the choice of a crate. The points above will help you get the perfect crate.

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