When or Where to Pawn Jewelry

What do you do with jewelry that is just collecting dust in a cabinet somewhere in your home? Everyone has jewelry that they wish they didn’t buy or that they just got as a present but isn’t really your style. So, what do you do with it? Usually you cannot return jewelry, especially if it was a gift. So, if you know what this item is not going to be used as intended or even if you are falling on hard times why not pawn it? Pawning your jewelry helps give you a safe loan by placing your unused or disliked gems as collateral in exchange for a loan. Simple right? You take whatever you have down to a shop near you and they will give you an estimated value on the items you took. After that depending on what you need you can accept the terms or if you were looking for more you can decline it and find another shop. Pawning is one of the fastest ways to get small loans without having your credit run or waiting for approvals.

What if you just don’t want the item in question? If you are looking to get rid a piece of jewelry instead or just pawing you could sell it. Most shops that offer the option to pawn your items will also consider just buying the pieces upfront. This is great if you are looking for permanent cash instead of just a temporary loan. Typically, they will offer you a little less than when you pawn items just because of the maintenance required to restore the jewelry. Even if you clean your jewels often they still get scratched and nicks on the metals that require refurbishing and sometimes recoating. Still, if this is something you just don’t want or are don’t like and are certain you will never use, just sell it!

Even though the above options give you fast money what if you like the item and just want to upgrade? Some places that pawn jewelry hollywood fl or even jewelers offer upgrade options for certain items. The perfect examples are engagement rings. Let us say you found the love of your life and are ready to choose the diamond to show it. You may be unsure of what to get or even how big so you get a decent sized piece for now. In a year or so while your wedding date gets closer you could upgrade that diamond to a bigger one and some even let you exchange the value for a new ring.

How awesome is that? Being able to renew the special ring or item you got them they day you made the most important commitment to them? This is definitely something that is worth asking if whichever shop you go to does. You might just end up trading or even upgrading to a better item. These are only a few things to consider when going through your unused jewels next time. Come back soon!