Shopping For a Plus Size Dress

Shopping For a Plus Size Dress

Over 60% of the women in the United States are plus size today and yet while researching this article I was amazed at the general lack of genuine information available on the web. I hope that I can help to fill this void for you with this article.

The first and most important step in plus size shopping is your measurements. You should visit a store and have your self measured by a professional. Write down the measurements and the sizes recommended for you in many different brands. While you are there it wouldn’t hurt to check the prices on items that they carry to compare against the deals you find online.

Now let’s start from the top and work our way down from there. If your neck area is a problem you can go with a dress that has a high neckline. Another good remedy for this is to wear a scarf. You need to avoid chokers. A nice long necklace is perfect here. It adds nice vertical lines.

If your breast are nice you can also go with a lower cut neckline, here you just want to show a little cleavage which will help to detract attention away from your neckline. You do not want to show to much however.

The cut on the back of the dress will depend on your body. If you have a fatty back you do not want to have a low cut back.

Another area to watch is the arms and shoulders. If you have saggy areas under your arms, you will want to go with a dress with sleeves. A good trick to improve the shoulder area is to wear padded shoulders.

Now we get to the area that most women are concerned about. The belly, bottom and hips. Remember that a tight dress will highlight these areas. Try for a dress that flows out from just below the breast area. If your belly is a problem but your hips are fine you can try a dress with a dropped waist. This will disguise your belly.

The length of the dress will be determined by your height. If you are shorter you should try for a dress that goes to just below the knees. Taller women can wear a full length dress.

Do not be afraid of colors! If your dress fits you properly you can wear any color that you want. Try out different colors and see what you think. If you feel attractive in a colorful dress then you will look attractive as well.