What Demographics Are Shopping Online for Clothes?

What Demographics Are Shopping Online for Clothes?

The boom of online shopping has erupted in the past few years and and is only going to increase in the future. E-commerce is becoming a vital tool for businesses to attract shoppers in store and also to the actual purchasing of products online. Online shopping isn’t just restricted to the young population but to the broader demographic. Everyone from students to parents and grandparents are purchasing online.

In a survey in 2000, 22% of Americans said they had purchased online and by 2007 this figure had increased to 49%. This goes to show the rapid improvement and popularity of online sales.

In terms of percentage of users of the internet, the following are figures if the demographic that use the internet for online shopping. 38% of 12-17 years olds have used the internet as a tool of purchasing, 71% of 18-32 year olds have purchased online, 80% of 33-44 year olds have purchased online, 68% of 46-54 year olds practice online shopping, 72% of 55-63 year olds shop online, 56% of 64-72 year olds purchase products online and 47% of over 73 year olds use the internet for online shopping.

When these statistics are examined it goes to show a whopping percentage of internet users shop online. This may only be a segment of the worlds population but these figures just go to show the wave of people beginning to shop online.

And would you blame them? No, is the quick answer. If you were to, lets say search online to purchase a suit for a business man online you would find thousands and thousands of products online of the same suit and massive variations on it. You could be searching for days on the different types of products out there that would would like to wear. There are so many sites that can give you advice and tips on what to purchase, what not to purchase and what accessories to enhance your look. You can find videos online that advice you on what to wear for certain events and this allows for the peace of mind of shoppers in knowing that they have selected the right product for themselves.

With the improvement in online security and privacy in recent years due to court proceedings and legislation, shoppers can go online with a sense of security and purchase whatever they like knowing their private details are as safe as they would be in your local retail shop in town.