The Secrets of Style – It’s Not As Tough As You Think

The Secrets of Style – It’s Not As Tough As You Think

Oscar Wilde used to say that fashion was something so hideous that it had to be changed once every three months. His acerbic wit aside, it’s true that fashion, not style, is what’s constantly changing. While some people run around chasing the latest trends and attempting to rock a season’s popular look that just might not work for them, the real stars of the fashion world know to focus on something much more elusive: style. Because it’s timeless style that makes icons, not grasping at trends. Having a solid understanding of what isn’t fleeting and what is makes a huge difference between having a look that lasts and needing a new wardrobe every year.

And truth be told, most women don’t have the income to buy a complete new wardrobe every year. So learning to be stylish is about more than just learning to dress well and in a way that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. No, this is also about learning to dress well in a way that won’t break the bank and have you throwing out your capris and your tankinis season after season, wondering why you didn’t choose a look that would last. Instead of chasing the trends, learning to shop for pieces of clothing that will last you years, not seasons, is the best step possible in becoming stylish.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself as a woman is stop focusing on the fact that you might not think fashion is fair. Yes, it’s tough to live in a world where anyone over a size six is considered plus size, but that’s not going to get a cuter pair of jeans on you any faster. A whole lot of beautiful women who weigh more than 100 pounds manage to find ways to dress well, not just get by. Don’t let the sizes psych you out of being stylish, and don’t get discouraged about shopping to find something right for you. It can be done, and you will do it.

One of the easiest ways to feel beautiful and sexy is to never let yourself under dress. Even if you’re just going to be hanging out at home, you don’t need to put on a cocktail dress, but please at least brush your teeth and find a clean pair of pants to wear that you actually feel not just good, but cute, in. Putting thought into what you wear each day not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good, too. Don’t let yourself go for no apparent reason, and not because of a pressure to be perfect, but rather, as a service to yourself.

It’s not actually that hard to dress well, it just requires knowing what to buy. And really, all you need to buy are a few things. It will take less than five hangers in your closet to have the cornerstones of a great wardrobe. One for a snappy dress shirt, one for a cardigan, preferably cashmere, one for a stylish and timeless pair of black pants, and one for the quintessential little black dress. These are the articles of clothing by which all other articles of clothing are measured, and putting in a little bit of an investment on them all will give you limitless returns. It’s also much easier to build and mix and match outfits based on some seriously solid base items.

Aside from basic items, the most important choice you have to make is shoes. Shoes are the wild card to an outfit, the piece that can make you feel sexy and incredible or, if chosen poorly, allow you to fade into the background. Never underestimate a great pair of shoes. It is best to have a couple of reliable pairs, depending on the level of formal for your outfit. You’ll be strutting your stuff with an even bigger smile on your face if the right pair of shoes are on your feet.

More than anything else, take this advice and figure out how to apply it to yourself and your own fashion. While reading tips in a magazine or getting advice from a trusted friend is great, the most important voice you have when it comes to your own look is yourself. Only you know what’s right, or what’s going to make you feel confident and powerful. Even with basic elements of style, what really brings someone’s aesthetic all together is their own sense of self, so don’t get rid of yourself when looking for a good outfit or look. It’s important to find a way to be stylish while still being yourself, as the people who turn the most heads manage to stay unique.

Whether you’re a young nightclubber or a power-suit wearing businesswoman, it’s important to have a sense of specialness about yourself.