Espresso Maker Shopping Considerations

Espresso Maker Shopping Considerations

Stopping at the local coffee shop for a latte or cappuccino can cost anywhere from three to six or seven dollars depending on the size of the coffee and what type of drink is ordered. This can add up to a hefty sum of money over a week or two. The numbers of coffee shops that continue to thrive are proof that many people are spending huge amounts of money on coffee. However, there are many people choosing to spend the money on a home espresso maker and save money in the long run.

Home espresso makers have become the kitchen wish list item on gift registries and Christmas lists. As the price of the espresso maker for home kitchens has come down it has actually becoming a purchase that can save money in the end by preventing coffee shop stops every day of the week. There are some things consumers should take into consideration when shopping for a home espresso maker to insure their purchase is not in vain.

One of the first things to consider is counter space. Espresso machines are typically very large machines that have a huge footprint and take up a good deal of space. Home espresso makers come in smaller sizes but in the same aspect may lose some of the features. Knowing how much counter space is available before shopping for an espresso maker will keep this from becoming an issue.

How the machine operates is another important consideration when buying an espresso maker for the home. Espresso machines in coffee shops require skill and training. Individuals who want to make a latte before rushing off to work aren’t going to want to fumble around with a complicated gadget in order to get their drink. Today’s home espresso makers are available in fully automatic versions that require little more than adding the water and coffee while the machine does the rest of the work.

Features are an important consideration when choosing a home espresso maker. A quality maker should have, at the very least, a milk frothing attachment. The milk frother is important in making lattes and cappuccinos. Without the frother, milk will have to be steamed in some other fashion or the espresso machine will only be good for making espressos.

There are other added features that can be found on home espresso machines. These are not necessary features but add to the ease of operation and at the same time increase the cost of the machine. These extras include coffee bean grinders, size selectors for the espresso brewer, temperature adjustment controls and automatic dosers for measuring the coffee into the brewer. These features are not required to make espresso; however, they do make the process easier in the end.

Espresso shopping can be fun and confusing at the same time. There are many features to choose from, some of which are necessary and some of which are extras that won’t change the flavor of the espresso simply the process used to make it. Consumers should explore all of these options when making their decisions.