Knowing the Rules For Air Hockey Tables

Knowing the Rules For Air Hockey Tables

Why do you need air hockey tables in your home? Here’s why. When everyone gets together for the holidays or a special occasion, you don’t want to just sit around the television or spend the whole evening staring blankly into each other’s faces. And while some of the guys might enjoy viewing some sports on television such a choice might meet with groans and disapproving shakes of the head from the women. Sadly, what often happens with these gatherings is that everyone ends up going their own way and finding their own entertainment which defeats the purpose of the get together.

But air hockey tables can combat that because they are literally fun for everyone! Because they don’t require a lot of skill, strength, or speed, anyone can play. Grandmothers, small children, teenagers, even people with special needs who can’t play other types of arcade or competitive games can often enjoy a game on air hockey tables.

Parents who worry about their kids being a part of violent sports, such as football, don’t have to worry about that with air hockey tables. The only thing getting pushed and shoved in these matches is the puck. The chance for injury is slim to none.

All that it requires to excel at the game of air hockey is an understanding of some basic rules of the game which are described below:

A� The main idea of the game is to get the puck across the table and across the goal line of the other player. Each time you do this, you get a point. The other player than has ten seconds to serve the puck back to their opponent.

A� Each game lasts until someone earns 7 points. Many air hockey tables are automatically set up for this type of scoring which minimizes arguments and debates over who is winning.

A� If you commit a foul, you immediately lose control over the puck. You can be fouled if you put the mallet on top of the puck during play or try to stop the puck in some way. This is called topping. If you touch the puck with your clothes or body, you can also receive a foul. Furthermore, you can be fouled if you do not hit the puck back to the other player within seven seconds of it crossing the center line into your part of the air hockey table.

A� You can take one time out per game. However, the time out can only last up to ten seconds and can only be taken when the puck is located on the other player’s half of the table.

A� You can stand anywhere you want to around your half of the table, even on the sides. You cannot cross the table’s center line and stand in your opponent’s half of the table. Of course, standing on the sides doesn’t make much strategic sense since it leaves your goals unguarded.

Now that you know some basic rules about the game, your next challenge is to invite over all of your friends and family members for an exciting round of air hockey. You can even print off these rules and post them in your family’s game room so everyone will know exactly how to play the game and so no one will miss out on the fun air hockey tables provide.