Personalized Jewellery Inspired By Hollywood’s Trendiest Moms

We use JavaScript to create essentially the most purposeful web site potential for our prospects. Choose so as to add an engraving, birthstone or monogram to a bit of jewellery for a customized look. For example, aggregate information might embody information that describes the overall demographics, usage or different characteristics of a Website’s users. Once you find the perfect items for you or your loved ones, use our customization tools to engrave names, initials, special dates, and even loving messages or add gem stones and different custom touches to create the right reward.\n\nOur policy on correcting and updating Private Information, making a complaint about our handling of your Private Data, and deactivation of your account. Get Categorical customer support or contact us by e-mail or cellphone. Jewellery has been an integral a part of trend, life and love since earlier than the middle ages.\n\nIf you’re procuring solely for him, cufflinks and tie clips are all the time top choices for Father’s Day or for the winter holidays. If you do not conform to, or cannot comply with, the Terms as modified, you will need to stop utilizing the Site.\n\nYou need to be aware that any Private Information you submit there might be learn and collected by other customers of these boards and could be used to ship you unsolicited messages and for different purposes. A mini cable chain featuring a cubic zirconia triangle appeal and a lobster clasp closure.Content material + Care- Made in ChinaSize + Fit- Chain length: 18.5percent22- Décor: zero.1875percent22 x zero.1875%22.\n\nRejoice mother with a stacked birthstone ring , or give your young sports activities star a novel pendant necklace that includes his or her jersey quantity. By navigating on the Eternally 21 website, you conform to our use of cookies throughout your searching expertise.…

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Your Mystery Shopping Business – How Much Money Can You Make?

Your Mystery Shopping Business – How Much Money Can You Make?

Mystery Shopping companies send “mystery” shoppers out to dine or shop at their client’s business. The shopping company then provides the client with a report on the shopper’s experience. Shoppers love it – they get free meals, merchandise and some income. Clients love it – they get to see what their customers are thinking and experiencing. As the owner of a mystery shopping company, you would love it – you’d make a very nice steady income.

Owning a mystery shopping company is a great business model for a number of reasons:

– Costs nothing to start.

– Unlike many other business models, you don’t have to buy merchandise, and hope someone buys it.

– Once you make a sale to a client, you usually provide reports on an ongoing basis. This equals a steady income on one sale alone.

– It’s vital to the financial health of a business to know what their customers are thinking and if they will return. A mystery shopping program provides this valuable information.

How much money can you make as the owner of a mystery shopping company?

Let’s start by determining the expenses for a single mystery shop. These are basic costs to consider: shopper fees, report verifying and editing, an outside automation service (if you want to automate a lot of your processes), phone, office (if you work outside the home), web hosting. You could also use the services of a scheduling company to schedule shops if you’d like.

As a general rule of thumb, all these expenses should add up to anywhere between $5 to $20.

And, again, the beauty part of this business is that most of these expenses are only incurred in the process of doing a report. If you work out of the home, then costs would be almost nothing. As to ongoing web hosting, charges $25 per YEAR, and that includes your domain name!

So, as a conservative example, let’s say your expenses per report are average to high and they are $15 per report. I own a mystery shopping company. Just so you know, the last time I figured out our expenses, which includes an outside office, the total expenses were $9 per report. That means a whole lot of profit per report.

But working with the $15 a report cost — let’s say a range to charge might be anywhere from $35 to $50. With a $15 report cost, let’s consider charging $45 per report. Again, these figures are just for the sake of this article. There are a whole lot of other considerations before determining what to charge.

If expenses are $15 per report, and you charge $45 per report, profit equals $30 per report.

Now, let’s multiply, using the following examples.

– Client #1. We try to do at least 2 shops per month per location. Let’s say this client has 3 locations. That equals 6 shops per month. At $30 profit per shop, you would make $180 from just that one client. And remember, once you get a client, you don’t have to keep selling them. The work automatically goes on unless you have a different agreement with the client.

– Client #2. Maybe this client has 5 locations that you shop twice a month. That equals 10 shops a month at $30 per report profit. That’s another $300 per month.

– Client #3. Maybe this client also has another 5 locations that are shopped twice a month. This would equal another $300 per month.

From 3 clients, your profit would be $780 a month. Since, in this example, you are paying someone to edit your reports (that’s part of the expenses), your time is freed up to do mostly sales. These numbers would skyrocket.

In this business, 3 clients is barely getting started. I have one competitor (who is a friend) who told me he has around 800 clients, most of whom have only one location. While he has to enlist the help of a scheduler and editor, his income is still extremely healthy.

You can make even more money by being a little creative

I have frequently had clients mention to me they wanted more reports than they originally signed up for. After all, these reports can actually become addictive to your clients. Plus, they can use the report scores for any bonus program they have.

An example of this is a client we had many years ago who had 7 stores. They wanted 1 shop per month per store. Once they saw the value of the reports, within a year, we were doing 4 shops per location per month. That was 28 shops per month. The profit, after expenses, was very nice! 28 x $35 (our profit) = $980 …

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Save Time With Smart Shopping

Save Time With Smart Shopping

“The average person uses time to buy money. The rich uses money to buy time.”

Save Time With Smart Shopping

Don’t you agree that time is money? Most people would spend their lives earning money, in essence exchanging their time for money. But, how can you save some time, with smart shopping?

In these times, work schedules, family and social commitments, and ordinary errands seem to occupy every minute of our week. Fortunately, we live in a time where there are numerous shopping options that let us purchase exactly what we need in a very time-efficient manner.

Mail Order

One of the best ways to purchase what you need is by mail order. Nearly every store has a companion catalog that sells most of the goods available in the store. Clothes, household furnishings, specialty foods and drinks, and gardening supplies are just a few of the things that you can order over the phone and have them shipped directly to the door, eliminating several weekend errands.

While mail order has been around for a long time, the Internet phenomenon has exploded during the last five years or so. There’s very little that you can’t order on the Internet. Books, CDs, clothes, household and kitchen furnishings, and pet food are just a few of the items that can be purchased online.

Both shopping venues can save you money because you may not have to pay sales taxes, depending on what state you live in. If you purchase a minimum amount of goods, you may receive free shipping.

Speciality Shops

If you have a gift to buy, especially for someone who lives out of town, the Internet or a catalog is a particularly good shopping tactic. You can look at numerous specialty shops in a matter of minutes, which will save you a lot of time compared with driving from store to store. You can have the present wrapped and shipped, further making it a time-efficient way of shopping.

If you aren’t technologically oriented or just need to shop for ordinary items, find out if our local retail store will let you order items over the phone and have your purchase delivered. Often, drugstores provide this service, because they have older customers who may not be well enough to come into the store for their purchases. Grocery stores and specialty stores such as pets stores are some other places that may offer delivery.


With the time you have saved from shopping, you can now used this ‘new found’ time to do other things which you love, but never had the ‘time’ to do so. So, go on as you can now meet up with your long lost friend, play with you dog, or play the Playstation with your family!…

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Maternity Coats Specialist Comparison Site Saves Time and Money Whilst Pregnant

Maternity Coats Specialist Comparison Site Saves Time and Money Whilst Pregnant

Shopping for maternity clothes whilst being pregnant can take its toll. Walking around those busy high street shops with the risk of getting knocked, it can be tough going also when you are pregnant as you will become tired very quickly. Shopping online can not only save you time, but also save you a lot of money. One item in particular in the cold weather is a Maternity Coat or Jacket. With the help of a specialist Maternity Coats comparison website, you can browse all the UK’s leading retailers products all from the comfort of your own home. Because you can view all the products in 1 place, this also takes out the hassle of trawling through lots of retailers websites. This is great for pregnant shoppers, after all, they will need all the time, rest and money for pre- and post- pregnancy.

Buying online doesn’t have to be a worrying process or a hassle. These days most retailers websites are safe and secure and delivery is really good and often free. Sometimes they even offer free returns. Look out for these special promotions also updated on the comparison site.

Maternity Shopping online has seen a huge growth over recent years, especially as pregnant women are becoming more internet savvy and buying online because of the huge benefits to not going round busy shops and catching germs especially during those winter months. Even the snow has helped increase online exposure.

Maternity Coats come in various styles to suit different fashions and most of the Coats and Jackets are designer to fit around your bump unlike any normal Jacket. It can be quite difficult to find a decent winter Coat and because of the Maternity Coats comparison site specialises in Maternity Coats and Maternity Jackets, they have the biggest range you will find online for the UK consumer.

The website makes it easy to shop and compares which stores stock these particular products. You can shop by style, price or retailer and then you will be taken to the retailer page for more product details. This means you buy your product from a recommended safe online shop. The best comparison sites offer a good range from a the leading online retailers at the best prices available online. Also the better comparison sites also will keep you updated with any latest merchant promotions, sales and discount codes available to help save you even more money. Often these may include exclusive codes specifically for the specialist site.…

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Protecting Yourself When New Car Shopping

Protecting Yourself When New Car Shopping

Shopping for a new car can be an intimidating experience. With such a wealth of safety technologies and optional extras available today, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. In this vulnerable state, the influence of a pushy salesperson can encourage potential buyers to spend well beyond their budget, potentially putting them into a trying financial situation. To avoid this possibility, there are a few things you should do before ever stepping onto a dealership lot.

First, it is essential to clearly understand your needs in buying a new car, and your budget. This can help to immediately focus your search, eliminating the need to look into a number of different models. With a clear budget in mind, you can also prevent the possibility of overspending in the face of an aggressive salesperson. After determining your needs, take to the internet to research different vehicle types that suit them. On your own, you can afford to look with great detail into a number of different options, making a careful comparison without the pressure of having to make a decision right away.

As you begin to narrow down your search, start looking into more and more detail at the kinds of options you can find on suitable vehicles. Take note of different engine options, as well as exterior and interior extras. By performing this important introductory research, you will not be caught off guard when faced with a complicated list of available options. Continue this process until you can confidently narrow your search to a handful of choices. Write these choices down, as well as their different optional extras. With this list in hand, you can now make your way to the dealerships, armed with the knowledge needed to avoid intimidation.

When speaking with a salesperson, be sure they know that you have a clear picture of what you are looking for, and that you are on a set budget. Do not allow anyone to entice you into looking at vehicles that you have not researched, and do not allow yourself to consider options that exceed your price range. Stay on point, investigate the vehicles that you have come out to see, and test-drive them if you feel that they might be the right one for you. If in your in-person search you determine the options you’ve researched to be insufficient for you needs, feel free to ask about other options, but do not make a final decision until you can conduct your on research.

Once you’ve completed the necessary background research and are satisfied with your in-person test drive, you can make a confident purchase that you know will meet your needs without sinking you into debt. By establishing clear boundaries for your search, you can prevent the possibility of becoming overwhelmed and making a bad decision that will reverberate for years to come, and instead look forward to years of enjoyment out of your shiny new car.…

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Shopping For a Plus Size Dress

Shopping For a Plus Size Dress

Over 60% of the women in the United States are plus size today and yet while researching this article I was amazed at the general lack of genuine information available on the web. I hope that I can help to fill this void for you with this article.

The first and most important step in plus size shopping is your measurements. You should visit a store and have your self measured by a professional. Write down the measurements and the sizes recommended for you in many different brands. While you are there it wouldn’t hurt to check the prices on items that they carry to compare against the deals you find online.

Now let’s start from the top and work our way down from there. If your neck area is a problem you can go with a dress that has a high neckline. Another good remedy for this is to wear a scarf. You need to avoid chokers. A nice long necklace is perfect here. It adds nice vertical lines.

If your breast are nice you can also go with a lower cut neckline, here you just want to show a little cleavage which will help to detract attention away from your neckline. You do not want to show to much however.

The cut on the back of the dress will depend on your body. If you have a fatty back you do not want to have a low cut back.

Another area to watch is the arms and shoulders. If you have saggy areas under your arms, you will want to go with a dress with sleeves. A good trick to improve the shoulder area is to wear padded shoulders.

Now we get to the area that most women are concerned about. The belly, bottom and hips. Remember that a tight dress will highlight these areas. Try for a dress that flows out from just below the breast area. If your belly is a problem but your hips are fine you can try a dress with a dropped waist. This will disguise your belly.

The length of the dress will be determined by your height. If you are shorter you should try for a dress that goes to just below the knees. Taller women can wear a full length dress.

Do not be afraid of colors! If your dress fits you properly you can wear any color that you want. Try out different colors and see what you think. If you feel attractive in a colorful dress then you will look attractive as well.…

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Get Online Shopping Deals

Get Online Shopping Deals

Of course you want online shopping deals, the only problem is you don’t know how to find them and you don’t know whats legit and what isn’t.

That’s okay because you aren’t the only one that gets confused. After all the internet is a very big place and it is a very easy place to get scammed if you don’t pay attention.

The last thing any of us want especially when it comes to our money is to get scammed out of it. We just want the bargains and savings that are available.

When it comes to online shopping deals it is usually some sort of coupon that we are talking about. It is usually a coupon that is in the form of a code that gets entered at the time of purchase to give us a percentage off of our purchase.

I have personally seen discounts from a few cents to a few hundred dollars and have heard of discounts up to a few thousand on some big ticket items. Could you imagine a couple thousand dollar savings on something like a boat or a car.

The trick is to join established sites that supply coupons to people looking for online shopping deals. When you use the coupons off these sites you can almost be sure the codes will always work. These sites have people working 24 hours a day to maintain and keep the codes current and working. Any codes that aren’t working are taken down almost immediately.

You can take your chances on the no bodies but then you take a great chance that you wont be happy with what you get. You see most people start out with good intentions but soon realize that running a site that offers coupons and codes do take a lot of time and commitment.

The other thing you need to really watch for are the people who try and sell you the codes. Please don’t ever buy coupons or codes because I guarantee they are the exact sane codes you will find on the up to date sites. The difference is lots of times the codes you pay money for will be expired and all the money back guarantees will not get your money back.

At the end of the day its all about everything you save by being an online shopper and what you are willing to do. Things have changed a lot over the years and now the world caters to the people looking for online shopping deals.…

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