My Shopping Genie – Legitimate Opportunity Or Not?

My Shopping Genie – Legitimate Opportunity Or Not?

My Shopping Genie was founded in 2007 in Dallas Texas by David Freed. An Entrepreneur that has a solid track record in the direct sales and Network Marketing Industry. The Executive team have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Internet Marketing, Finance and Business.

Lets talk about the actual product. My Shopping Genie is a free downloadable application that is used to find the ‘best deals online’. For instance anyone that has this software searching on Google, Amazon, eBay or local stores for a particular product or service will be directed to the merchant that is offering the best deal right now. So who would actually use this? Well apparently 64% of the people that shop online go from site to site to do price comparisons when looking for the best deal. So the software would be a great time and money saver if it actually does what it is supposed to do.

After doing my research on this application I found that for the fact that this software is free and is pretty accurate in finding the best deals online. My Shopping Genie is a real game changer! People are naturally going to click when they find what they are looking for and regardless of whether they buy, someone is getting paid. ” I mean why not”, Google made Billions last year so My Shopping Genie seems to put this technology that they have in the consumers hands.

This brings me on to the next subject which is the compensation plan. I have explained that the application can be given away free to anyone with Internet access. So every time someone clicks a link to take a look at pricing, Even if they do not buy, the distributor gets paid. There is also a binary team building compensation plan which means you can show others how to give away Genie applications to others that want to save time and money shopping online. Distributors pay a one time fee of $199 and $29 per month to have the ability to give away the application and sign up other distributors.

There are a number of other cycle bonuses and Team Building Bonuses for distributors that really want to ramp up their income. Overall with the global expansion of My Shopping Genie and the business model that they have developed. I believe it to be not just a great tool for Internet Shoppers but a great way to make income from what people are doing anyway.