Some Important Information Regarding Shopping Malls

Some Important Information Regarding Shopping Malls

This concept has been around since Ancient Roman times. Basically, it is nothing more than a collection of shopping centers that are in the same building. Back in Roman times, these were simply outdoor business venues. Their design has greatly improved and drastically changed over the years. The development of strip malls took place in the nineteen twenties. They started out as large box like designs, but now enjoy huge and sleek designs. They are designed to catch the attention of shoppers from a distance and up close. There are many impressive designs throughout the world that host millions of shoppers every year.

Some of the Most Popular Malls in the World

There are many popular malls located throughout the world. The most visited mall in the world is the Mall of America. It is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The Mall of American has five hundred twenty stores. There are fifty different restaurants to choose from. This mall even offers an indoor amusement park and other exciting entertainment options. The King of Prussia Mall is another top shopping mall. It is located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. It has four hundred shops to choose from.

Extravagant Malls Located in the United States

Saw Grass Mills is a unique mall that has both indoor and outdoor shopping venues. It is located in Sunrise, Florida. Both high end fashion items and bargain deals can all be found under one roof. The Galleria in Houston, Texas is another popular mall that experiences frequent visitors. This mall contains atriums made of glass and an ice skating rink. The Grove is a Los Angeles shopping avenue that contains stores like Sprinkles Cupcakes, Madewell, and Johnny Was.

Chic Malls throughout the Country

Tyson’s Corner is a fabulous mall located in Virginia. The children’s play area in the mall is sponsored by National Geographic. The area is nothing short of exquisite. The South Coast Plaza is located in Costa Mesa, California. It contains roughly two hundred eighty boutiques for shoppers to take advantage of. It even has thirty restaurants. It is located in Orange County. Short Hills Mall is located in Short Hills, New Jersey. This one contains a wide selection of stores. This store is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Manhattan.

The History of Malls

There are malls located in France and in the United Kingdom that have been present for centuries and are still in operation today. The need for the shopping mall is expected to increase in coming years. One of the first malls in the United States opened in Minnesota in 1916. Presently, the largest mall in operation all across the world is located in China. The second largest mall is also located in China and the third largest mall in the world is located in the Philippines.