Why People Live Online

Why People Live Online

I was watching one video recently that discussed why people buy. A very straight forward thing probably. We buy because we need goods or services to sustain our lives.

In a busy world with an overload of information and ear blocking advertising that we need to buy this, buy that, go there, do this, it becomes a real hassle to actually even go shopping. There is so much on the shelves that at the end of the day you can simply get lost and not buy anything at all.

Quite some time ago I have chosen online shopping as an ultimate way of buying! Why? I can do shopping in my own time without having to worry about open-close times of the shop. I can look at an item for as long as I like and compare the prices for the same item on a few different websites to compare the prices. If I shop for clothes, I can always try them on at home in front of my own mirror without having to wait in a fitting room queue. If I don’t like the item, I can always send it back and get my money back very quickly.

All in all, online shopping saves us time and nerves and gives us a wider spectrum of choice in – again – shorter period of time.

I love having time doing what I really enjoy doing. Life shouldn’t be just about worrying and regretting. I don’t yet have kids, but I can’t even imagine what it could be like. I don’t have much time for myself and my family now spending 2 – 2.5 hours a day traveling to and from work, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, watching a movie and going to bed. What will it be like when I have kids?

This made me thinking I would not only like to shop online, but to also work online! I have become a member of Six Figure Mentors community of online marketers to be able to live life and stop worrying about not having time to enjoy it properly. I am not lazy and work is an essential part of everyone’s lives; work is what has turned us into intelligent beings – be it physical or mental work. But, when I retire I want to have things to reminiscent about with a smile on my face or a tear in my eyes. I don’t want to only wake up from night mares about how hard it was to wake up at 6am, how morally unrewarding it was to spend more than 60 hours a week in the office and how many places I haven’t visited and how many hours I have not spend with my lovely family.

Shopping and working online is a real break through, a get away! A get away from very early mornings, from a train full of gloomy faces, a get away from moody bosses and short lunches where you can’t even enjoy the food you eat due to lack of time.

Six Figure Mentors have laid a foundation for me to become my own boss, has given me a great hope that if I do my homework and work on my skills, it will pay 100 fold by giving me a better income and more time to spend with my loved ones and actually start seeing sun more often than just during random weekends.