Boost Brand Recognition With Printed Koozies At The Beach

Boost Brand Recognition With Printed Koozies At The Beach

Are you looking for a new way to promote your business that is inexpensive and cost-effective? With the summer time coming, have you considered giving away printed koozies at your local beach, amusement park or other outdoor venue?

Koozies are foam insulators that are slid upon the can of beer, soda, or other beverage. They are also available for bottles and other container types. They have been manufactured out of foam or neoprene which allows for the gadget to maintain the temperature of the drink for up to one hour.

The koozies shape allows for embossing or screen printing to be added to both the front and rear sides of the actual product. Most marketing agencies will make use of both and implement company name, address, phone as well as logo and website hyper-link. This will allow for maximum exposure to your brand and company.

When you think about it for the one low cost, your brand is being used over and over again, and will help create brand recognition. People want to keep their drinks cool, especially at the local beach or lake, while they are lounging on the sand in the hot summer heat. Having a way to keep their drink cool will allow them to stroll along the boardwalk while holding their can and sipping the cool beverage.

Printed koozies can be obtained by ordering online, most vendors will offer a large selection of styles and colors. Larger vendors will also offer clipart that the purchaser can use on their product, as well as offering the ability to submit artwork and have it added to the koozies. Dependent upon your advertising budget you can also add more than one color of ink, or order other styles such as the foldable or collapsible koozies.

Due to the lightweight design these items are extremely portable, making them the perfect item for the user to carry around in their purse, car, picnic basket etc. Each time the customer places their beverage into their koozies, not only are they being exposed to your business, but anyone near them will be as well.