What Can Small Business Offer You?

What Can Small Business Offer You?

As I sit in our local mall watching mobs of people hastily trot from one advertised great deal to another I start to question how a small business in today’s society can not only compete with the savvy consumer but what can a small business offer that the large stores can not.

These businesses can offer a personal shopping experience for the consumer that is not all about the bottom line but about the ending satisfaction that one has at the end of a transaction. They care if their customers are happy with the entire transaction from selection of product to the customer service received by the customer.

Being able to understand and relate to the customer can build a mutual satisfaction in the first meeting and build a bridge to a long term relationship were the customer knows that the small business is interested in maintaining their business.

Lets face it pricing is also a factor that every consumer is interested in. Small companies can usually compete very well in that area. There isn’t as much overhead to absorb so the price breaks can be passed on to the customer.

Now if fancy packaging, glamorous and glitz is important to your shopping satisfaction then maybe small businesses are not for you. But if you are looking for a great way to support your local community, have a stress free shopping experience were you are treated with respect and would enjoy interacting with a person instead of a corporation then small businesses have a lot to offer you.