Dropping the Leash

Dropping the Leash

Last Saturday I was in the mall and saw a little girl running down the main corridor. She was about 3 years old and trying to keep up with a toddler, who I presumed to be her little sister. There was no adult in sight. I stopped both girls and asked the older one where her mom or dad was. She told me her mom was in one of the stores which was about 100 yards away. A few seconds later, mom came by and got her two daughters. I saw her walking into one of the large anchor stores, and before I could turn all the way around, the two children whizzed by me again.

I waited a few seconds, expecting mom to come and get them, but after about a 10 second lapse, she was still no where to be seen. By this time, the toddler had run to the center of the mall, with her sister desperately trying to keep up. I followed them and notified security. One of the security guards got a hold of the toddler who happily jumped in his arms.

I went to the store where the mother was shopping. I found her looking through a clothing rack, oblivious to the fact that her children were missing. My tone was not friendly and I think I ruffled her feather based on the look she gave me when she passed by me. I could not have cared less.

It amazed me that a mother would be more concerned about buying a blouse than the safety of her children. It angered me that two sweet innocent lives could have been so easily destroyed because of a parent who was too absorbed in her own desires.

Thankfully, most parents are not like that. I smile when I see a child tethered to their parent by a harness, which is another word for a leash. There are some who criticize that, but I know the parent is just trying to keep the child safe. Fact is, I used one on my daughter when she was a toddler, and I had a newborn son.

So I was very excited when I found The child guard panda. The bracelet is worn by the child and constantly transmits to the receiver which the parent can keep on their keychain. If the child goes beyond the set radius, the receiver starts to beep, letting the parent know the child is wandering off.

I sure wish this would have been available so my daughter would have been “fashionable” with a cute bracelet rather than looking like a pet that I was walking. At least, I always knew where she was. She is now a married adult. She and her husband are talking about starting a family. You can bet this grandma will make sure her grandbabies are kept safe.. and leashless!